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Personalized strategies for individual success.

Has an injury slowed you down? Are you living with chronic pain? The time for change is here! You deserve to feel and live your best. Our team of practitioners will work tirelessly to transform the way you feel and have you living your best life.

Private Treatment rooms

Your physiotherapy sessions are conducted in a one on one setting within a private treatment room. There won’t be a room full of people receiving treatments at the same time from the same therapist. Your session belongs to you with your therapists undivided care and attention to treat your needs.

About us - private treatment room
About Us - Non Profit

Non-profit organization

Elevate is a non-profit organization that is partnered with Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehab. Your use of Elevate services indirectly assists Synaptic in their mission of providing ongoing therapy and care for individuals living with Parkinson’s, stroke, MS and spinal cord injuries. You can find out more about Synaptic and the positive work that they are doing here.

Activity Based Therapy

Our clinical approach is built on creating proper movement patterns and using exercise to treat injuries, imbalances and pain. We have an expansive gym area with many unique pieces of exercise equipment to suit your individual needs. Research is proving that exercise is one of the most effective ways to resolve pain and prevent future injuries. Our facility reflects our commitment to exercise with a large, clean and naturally lit exercise area.

About Us - Activity Based Therapy
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