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Our team of physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment process to discover the root cause of your symptoms. By addressing the cause and not the symptom they are able to create a plan for long term success. You will receive dedicated, hands-on treatment for the entirety of your session, allowing you to gain better results in fewer visits.


This highly skilled massage therapy team uses multiple soft tissue techniques to address symptoms of pain and range of motion restrictions. Our massage therapists have specialized training in active release techniques, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and cupping to leave you with a more efficient, pain free body.

Optimal Kinetic Training

This unique training program is focused on elevating your movement patterns to a higher level for daily function or elite performance. Whatever your goal may be it is critical to create proper mobility and balanced strength throughout your body. Optimal Kinetic Training builds an immovable foundation for function, movement and performance. 


Our nutrition consultant specializes in helping people use their diet to restore gut health as a contributing factor to neurological, autoimmune and digestive conditions. Improving the health of your gut can increase energy, increase weight loss, reduce the risk of disease, improve inflammatory joint pain,  and increase athletic performance.

Dry Needling

Elevate offers both traditional acupuncture based on Chinese medicine and dry needling techniques. At Elevate, these techniques are used as a modality in a holistic approach to treat and manage a wide variety of conditions and injuries. 

Orthopedic Bracing & Orthotics

Elevate can provide a wide variety of custom bracing for conditions such as ACL and  MCL tears, shoulder dislocations and many more conditions. Elevate utilizes the latest 3 dimensional scanning technology to create the highest quality, custom-fitted orthotics. We also carry an extensive line-up of sleeves, soft braces and taping products to meet your activity needs.