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Gentle Scar Therapy

“Healing isn’t about acquiring something outside yourself, Healing is about returning to your natural state.” - Elle Louise McBride , Trauma-Informed Havening Techniques Practitioner and NeuroSelf Care expert.

What is Gentle Scar Therapy?

An intuitive and progressive approach to scar tissue treatment, that is noninvasive, using very light/gentle pressure.

Is integrative with other manual therapy, such a Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Dynamic Cupping, Myofascial Release and Therapeutic Massage.

And is a holistic method to encourage the body to heal naturally by increasing circulation, lymphatic flow and the release of local fascial restrictions/ adhesions.

Types of scars we treat with Gentle Scar Therapy

Adhesions, Atrophic, Burns, Contractures, Hypertrophic, Keliod, or Surgical.

Goals of Gentle Scar Therapy

We use our Hands, Heart and Mind, to help integrate scar and person as one whole being.

Improve local Circulation.

  • Stimulate local and systemic circulation to improve blood flow to and from injured tissue.

  • Supplying much needed oxygen and nutrients .

Reduce restrictions within the Fascial System.

  • Gently Releases soft tissue adhesions & contractures  around and within the scar tissue. 

Improve local Lymph & Fluid Dynamics.

  • Leads to more space for tissue to glide and slide allowing Lymphatic fluid to flow to and from tissue delivering nutrients and removing waste products.

Scar Integration   and Body Awareness.

  • How has the body been impacted by the.... Scar/Trauma/Injury.

  • Impacts on Breath, Mood, Digestion, Movement and Function. Client Education. Referral to other specialists

Gentle Scar Therapy

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