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Respiratory Physiotherapy

Breathing Rehabilitation

Are you experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue, difficulty concentrating or poor sleep and recovery? It could be related to the way you are breathing.

Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD), also known as Dysfunctional Breathing, is a term used to describe abnormal breathing patterns that result in breathlessness and other symptoms, often without the presence of illness.

The good news is that breathing pattern disorders are well treated and managed with physiotherapy-led breathing pattern rehabilitation. A comprehensive breathing assessment can uncover the presence and causes of breathing pattern disorders. During an assessment you can expect:

  • Review spirometry/lung function testing. If no testing has been done, we can refer you for quick access spirometry testing

  • A complete a thorough evaluation to determine the source of your breathlessness, including a look at breathing chemistry, and respiratory muscle strength

  • A comprehensive musculoskeletal exam including looking at posture, movement patterns during activity and core strategies

We will work with you to optimize your breathing strategies and ensure this translates into improved function - whether at rest, during sport or at work.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

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