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February 5, 2018

What’s your favorite candy?  Gummy bears were a big part of my childhood.  I liked the yellow and orange ones the best.  Did you know it’s easy to make your own gummies?


Besides being easy to make,  THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU!  Any healthy gummy recipe will have fruit, gelatin and honey.  Gelatin packs in a lot of nutritional value!



  1. Beauty:  The collagen in gelatin supports healthy hair, skin and nails.

  2. Anti-Inflammatory:  Gelatin is high in glycine and proline, which are anti-inflammatory amino acids.

  3. Gut Health:  Gelatin supports our digestive health, and can be very beneficial for repairing and sealing a leaky gut.

  4. Joint Protection:  Proline, glucosamine and glycosaminoglycans found in gelatin support joint health.


If the health benefits aren't enough to convince you, then just imagine how surprised your Valentine date will be to receive delicious gummies made with love!


It’s really easy to find recipes.  Do an online search for paleo gummy recipes.  I make sure to only use honey when I make mine, so feel free to swap out maple syrup for honey.  My favourite brand of gelatin is Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin.  In Calgary it's available at The Light Cellar or you can order it from Natura Market.


For Valentine's Day I like to stick with the traditional red or pink colour theme, so I've made these great Strawberry Cream Gummies and these Cherry-Ginger Gummies.  You can make all kinds of fun shapes using candy molds.  Don't have molds?  Don't worry.  Just pour the mixture into a pan like I did with the Cherry-Ginger Gummies.

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