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Guidelines for Selecting Supplements and Vitamins

July 31, 2019

A well balanced diet can provide many of the nutrients that our bodies need. However, in many cases individuals can benefit from adding supplements and vitamins to their diet. The store shelves are stocked full with many different brands and types to choose from. Here are a few guidelines to consider when trying to make your selection.


Check the Fine Print 

 Many products masquerade as something they are not. Reading the ingredient list to see what the secondary ingredients are, is a step key when looking for a quality product. It's also important to know exactly what your body needs. For example Vit D, D2, and D3 are not exactly the same product and yet all three are marketed as Vitamin D. 


Quality vs Quantity

As is the case with every industry there are different qualities of manufacturers. Companies with lower quality standards for their products might treat the vitamins with less purity in the lab, have a product with a lower absorbency in your body, added dies or fillers to the product, or  use vitamins that come from a less desirable source. Choosing the one with the highest concentration of the targeted substance is not simply the best option either. There are many other factors to consider This is something that should be researched ahead of time or chosen in consultation with you


Just the Right Amount


One of the keys is to find out exactly what you need and taking the right amount of it. Each individual should only be taking supplements that are relative to their individual needs.  Don't take a product just because a friend or relative is taking it. Stop and analyze whether it is right for you. If you're having trouble knowing what is the best option for your body, consult with a natural health practitioner or your doctor. 


Our Nutritional Consultant Tracey Reed is well versed in the supplement and vitamin world. A conversation or consultation with Tracey can provide you with a clear path to follow. Elevate has access to hundreds of supplements from high quality manufacturers to provide you with the very best products. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you.


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